Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fiddle Faddling Around

Yes, I have just spent four days frittering my time away and it was wonderful.  Mr. Lucky and the two dogs and I drove three hours out to Western Maryland and stayed with wonderful friends at their cabin on Deep Creek Lake.  Lots of walks, dock sitting time, eating drinking, chatting and lazing away a few summer days.   There's something so beautiful and comforting about sitting where the land and the water meet, just enjoying the passing of time.  
WWII British Civilian Economy Poster

Now that I'm home I'm doing some needed alterations.  I have several pairs of capri pants that I have been calling my "middle aged shorts."  They've never been a particularly flattering look on me but they've been fine for around the house and dog walking in the neighborhood.  Well, this summer, like last summer, has been plenty hot and now those capris are Bermuda shorts length.  I cut off about five inches and re-hemmed them.  They feel cooler and I think the proportion is better.  

I have also finished the latest Kwik Sew skirt for Mr. Lucky... except that I need six plain buttons.  I have several organizing cases full of buttons in all shapes, colors and sizes...none of them six plain men's shirt buttons, of course.  That's just one of the reasons I have stoped stashing buttons.  

Here's the collar cooling on my sewing ham.  This Kwik Sew pattern has a collar stand and I've been trying a different collar technique each time I sew it.  This time I used the tutorial that Debbie and Belinda put together. collar and stand directions It was ok for me but just ok.  Part of the problem was the poor quality of this fabric which feels very much like cheap quilting cotton.  But it has a California vintage map theme for my California guy.  Next planned shirt is a beautiful silky cotton shirting that will be vastly different and more enjoyable to sew.  

Part of the long weekend frittering included finishing the latest Jodi Picoult book.  I enjoy her contemporary themed novels tremendously and appreciate what she was trying to accomplish in this one.  But despite my own political and social leanings that match hers, I felt that she got herself into a contradictory dilemma with her characters and had a hurried unsatisfying conclusion.   


  1. Funny... I'm from western Maryland and spent most of last week in Florida. :)

    I usually love Jodi Picoult, but I haven't read that one yet. Thanks for the mini review.

  2. I could look at that first photo every day of my life I think :O)...

    I have never liked capris on myself either. I have long legs for my height 5' 6" a lot of that is leg LOL and I just feel they look odd on me LOL.. I am a shorts gal.


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