Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back from Blogcation

Ahhhh, that was a nice break.  I was getting overwhelmed with daily posts for Me Made Month so I took a week plus break from my blog entries although I did keep up with the photo posting on the Flickr board.  I'll show you a summary of the week's outfits at the end of this post.

Last week Mr. Lucky was away on a SC golf trip with a few dozen fire dept. retirees.  He was having fun his way and I was having fun my way....sewing, catching up with local Maryland friends, reading long into the night, watching In Treatment episodes via my new Netflix subscription, doing water aerobics and taking long walks in the beautiful spring weather that finally showed up after days of rain.  Of course I was also steam cleaning the rug up after a sick dog, weeding like the dickens and dealing with FL condo board duties but it can't all be fun.  

As for sewing, I'm making progress on the jacket with the bias fringe trim.  Cut out and sewed together the lining into the jacket.  Gosh I hate sewing jacket linings.  I'm never 100% happy with the results and this jacket is no exception.  I added a 1" pleat to the center back seam  .  I'm using the Susan Khalje bias raw edge trim technique all around the outside edge of the jacket including the hem area.  But the lining was pulling against the body of the jacket so I hand hemmed the lining to the jacket body and moved it up about 3/4" for a "jump hem" like edge.  The majority of the trim I am using is cut 1 1/4" wide but for the inside of that hem area I'll cut the bias 1 1/2" wide.  Makes more sense in person, trust me.  Overall I'm quite happy with the jacket, just getting it done quite slowly.  If the weather permits I plan on wearing it to NYC for a day trip next week.
Lining was cut same length as jacket but I'm hemming it 3/4 inch above that edge

Strips of raw bias will be stitched sandwiching the jacket edge between them 
Other sewing projects from last week will have to wait for another post.  But I will share about one of the engrossing books I was enjoying.  Do any of you read Elizabeth George and her Inspector Lynley mysteries?  I fell in love with her from book one and this latest is terrific. I was annoyed, as so many fans were, when she killed off a major character a few books past and held a grudge through some subsequent releases.  But this one reminded me why I've enjoyed her for so many years.  Thoughtful characters and a wonderful sense of place and motivations.  

In the meantime, for those of you who are interested, here are the MMM photos from last week.  

If you're curious about the almost 200 people partipating around the world, here's the link to the full photo gallery of Me Made May fans:
Now I'd like to make May a month when I actually finish some sewing projects rather than just post about ones that are already in my wardrobe.


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  2. Great outfits in MMM pictures.

    We really share the same preferences in books and series. I'm waiting for this Lynley to arrive in the bookstore here. The English paperback that is ;), the translation was availble, but I want to read it in original English.

  3. Great MMM photos! Also I do like Elizabeth George novels and will have to pick this one up soon.

  4. You look so lovely in all your me-made outfits!
    Can't wait to see that jacket - looks intriguing.

  5. Great photos! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished jacket!

  6. Love Elizabeth George and was also bummed out when she killed off Lynley's wife. I also like Greg Isles, Robert Tannenbaum, Daniel Silva, et al. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished jacket and I envy your ease of travel to New York.


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