Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 8...

Is this about the time that photo fatigue sets in?  Those of you who have done Me Made May challenges before might never tire of taking and then posting daily pics.  I'm not one of you.  I like the dressing in self-made items but for me, the daily photo shoot is getting tedious.  Thank goodness I get to see so many other terrific outfits and happy faces on blogs and the Flickr group.  That's what kept me in self-timer mode today.  
So here's my take on today's pic.  I wore these Gloria Vanderbilt straight leg jeans with a McCalls 4652 top from ITY knit to my women's group at church today.  We had a deep, thoughtful, honest, and caring discussion about being a mother (which I am not) and being a daughter(which I have been.)  
McCalls 4652 top
Little inside joke in this shot.  I've been busy enough over the last few days that I haven't touched either of the two Sunday papers sitting in our house.  Yes, I'm still a die hard newspaper reader, just like my dad was.  He commuted to work and stopped and got the New York Times at a little corner store each morning about half way to his job.  My parents also subscribed to the local daily evening paper and one of my earliest reading memories is kneeling on the living room rug to read the comics.  On Sundays we added one more paper, The New York Daily News which had the really cool comics such as Brenda Starr and Little Orphan Annie.   My parents also made sure we subscribed to Sports Illustrated and Time.  This could explain my childhood love of comic books as well as my 6th grade current events award.  I have enormous respect for real journalists and I think a free press is one of most valuable liberties.   So I get a daily local paper and the wonderful weekly NY Times which gives me plenty to savor for more than a week.  Maybe I'll actually finish this entire issue before the next one shows up in the driveway.


  1. I hope you can hang in there with the daily photo shoots for MMM, because I love seeing your outfits. You always look so "pulled together". I like your style!

  2. How very sweet of you to say that. Yes, I made the commitment and will do it come h... or high water. Thanks for the encourgement.

  3. Nice photo Jane M. I totally understand about the daily photo shoots. I've enough trouble with the pattern review photo shoots. You are a brave soul to do the Made Me May challenge. Stay encouraged.

  4. Those burgundy pants look great and I loved the backstory on reading the paper! The only quibble I have is that your parents read Time Magazine and not Newsweek...since I worked for Newsweek, lol.

  5. I love to blog, and sometimes feel it's time to meet some new blog mates. So, here I am off blog walking to say hello. I love visiting those on my blog log naturally and do that pretty frequently. But...who doesn't like to meet new folks.

    Love the title of your blog. I'm not at sewing, though I do own a machine. Might have been 4-5 years ago I got it out. Wonder if I remember how to thread it, lol. My knitting and crocheting are what take my creative time these days. But, that's not what brought me here. I love to travel and using that to go blog walking finds me here.

    My Daughter lived in Baltimore for 2 years while working on her Masters, so have spent a wee bit of time in your MD, and just recently got back from a nice vacation in Florida.

    Swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out


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