Thursday, January 10, 2013

From the Bottom Up

Home dec sewing progress
Who says you don't have to do "fitting"when sewing up home dec projects?  I spent a day this week figuring out how to make a dust ruffle work for this trundle bed and do it all with fabric from my stash.  It was a small engineering project to figure out the dust ruffle when there's no box spring to use as a foundation.  And I didn't want to buy any new fabric so I was trying to figure out yardage to coordinate available fabrics.  
No box spring so I had to figure how to secure it to this blanket is on the bottom trundle that slides out
I used a home dec acetate blend from a local store that sells discounted fabrics for $6 or less per yard.  This one was 4.5 yards for a total of $11.  I have enough leftover to make some sort of frilly throw pillow for the bedding mix.  Once I figured out the measurements and my fabric availability I didn't want to do a couture version so this skirt is not lined and uses a leftover cotton for the "base.  To make it stay slightly more stable and not shift like so many inexpensive bedskirts do, I added back grosgrain ties for the back of the frame and front matching ties. 
Grograin ties to hold it on the back of the frame
front corner fabric ties and top mattress in place
I didn't even bother to pull out my ruffler foot, just did the fast and easy zig zag over dental floss and pull to gather.  

Next up is a duvet cover to cover up a quilt that I bought almost 30 years ago when Mr. Lucky and I moved in together in Petaluma, CA.  It's full of the pastels that were so in vogue then.....and seem to be coming back in slightly different versions in spring 2013 colors.  What goes around, comes around, just different enough to try to get us to buy new again.  Off to sew up that big rectangle.... 

This home dec sewing is all about the staging, not all about long term wear.  Years ago when we first moved here I did do a guest room decorating project with truly couture techniques and it looks just as great today as the day I made everything:
Guest rom with lined bedskirts, drapes, piped duvet covers
Different techniques for different purposes, just like we do for our clothing sewing.  Some items we plan on wearing for years, some for a a few years and our sewing materials and techniques change to reflect that reality.
Thank you too, sweet readers, for you broken iron sympathies.  I thought my spray bottle and hot, but dry, iron would suffice but as most of us know, steaming and pressing is vital to a good finished result.  On my bike ride yesterday I stopped in at Target and bought a Shark steam iron for $25.  Not too much money, plenty of steam and I can get back to what I really love to do, sew.  Hope you get to something that you love today.


  1. lookin' very good!

  2. wow looks wonderful - love the dental floss technique will have to use that sometime

  3. Oooh, I love the guest room! Makes me pine for FL!

  4. I admire your patience with this project. I need to make some curtains, but I put it off because I don't enjoy handling all that fabric.

  5. Beautiful room, and your eye for details in colour choice is a credit to you! Well done...J

  6. Thank you for the dental floss technique -- I'd never heard of that one! Your project looks to be progressing really well, and your finished guest room is truly beautiful. I've always struggled with home dec projects because I don't really like working on them, but I like being able to have the room look the way I want (without spending a bundle on a designer!). Good luck!

  7. Such a great idea for gathering! I love home dec...your guest room is quite lovely!


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