Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Running Hot and Cold

Too cold

I've not been having good steam iron karma in the past two months.  The four year old Rowenta generator that I have here in Florida started leaking last month.  (Actually it's only two years old if you consider that I only use it six months per year!)  It's always been a "spitter" but the leaking was something new and not acceptable.  I couldn't yet bear the idea of tossing it out so I packed it up with some other sewing items going into our storage unit and pulled out a Walmart iron that I first bought ten years ago.  It didn't have as much steam but seemed to work well enough for the small sewing projects of November and December.  Then yesterday, just as I was figuring out how to make the dust ruffle for the trundle bed, it totally died on me.  It started "clicking" and then just burned out...no heat, no steam.  I would sooooo like to not have to buy a temporary iron. Mr. Lucky drove to our storage unit on my behalf, rummaged amongst the boxes and brought home that mal-functioning steam generator.  I was hoping that a rest and good cleaning might make it function nicely again.....sort of like re-booting a computer.  
No steam

So far, all I can get is heat, no steam, but I'll settle for that and a spray bottle when I need better creases.  Improvise, 
improvise, that's how it goes.  But this set up is working well enough to keep me working on the dust ruffle for the trundle bed today.  Pictures to follow....


  1. What a pain that such a small electrical gadget can cause soooo much trouble in just one day!

  2. I've had two Rowentas that were real lemons. No more for me. I bought a $69. Black and Decker at Sears that steamsat any temperature and I love it. No more pricey irons for me.

  3. Finding a good iron seems to be very difficult these days. I need to replace two Rowenta right now.

  4. ack! Every sewist need a reliable iron. I have a modestly priced Breville that has worked well for years.


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