Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Finite Number

Only a small amount of sewing occurred here last week when I closed up the loops on these 18 infinity scarves.  
infinity scarves for sale at the community yard sale

Back in February I did a big fabric cleaning out and sold more than 100 yards of my beautiful knits, silks, woolens and linens to a young woman who saw them on craigslist for $50.  She's a social worker in Baltimore (which automatically means hard work for little pay) and part time yoga instructor.  I think she was happy with the variety and quality and I was happy to make a dent in my two home merged conglomeration.  But as part of that fabric cleansing I found several of these silk or poly fabrics that I had planned for infinity scarves.  I quickly stitched up three for myself and then was on a roll and kept sewing for a day.  Last week I had only enough sewing time to stitch together the 2 inch turning seam. I'll see if I can sell these at our upcoming neighborhood yard sale in early May.  
My flower embellished sweater and Mr. Lucky chose to wear one of his Kwik Sew shirts
I did want to share how my flower embellished sweater turned out.  The Sunday before Easter Mr. Lucky and I braved the record crowds and visited the cherry blossoms in Washington DC's Tidal basin area by the Thomas Jefferson memorial.  
Since I had been obsessing about making these flowers all week, we couldn't resist this shot.

Then in mid-week I headed up to Pennsylvania for a book group discussion on one of my top 10 books of all time, "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand.  Since my girlfriend lives only moments from Fabric Mart I did stop by and indulge myself.  I have a major project in mind for the next few weeks involving one of my Craftsy classes and I'll show you more soon.  But geez, remind me that I do not need more fabric....just more sewing time.
Back from that trip and it was a hectic few days getting ready for my Downton Abbey tea for 10 ladies from my church on Saturday.  I had so much fun at the tea that I don't have any people pictures but here are the two tables and the food display.  
Pistachio shortbread, raspberry bars, lemon bars, wedding cookies, chocolate cake, cucumber dill, ham and tomato ginger jam and crab avocado sandwiches, asparagus quiche, scones
We had to sit at two different tables so I had them choose a number and then assigned each person a Downton Abbey identity.  When it came time to sit and eat, some people ate "upstairs" in our dining room with my Royal Worcester china and grandmother's silver service and some people ate in our family room, downstairs.  
I handed out a quiz, had Dowager Countess quotes to share and also a clever person's Downton Abbey bingo card.  (I love the bingo card so much that I will edit it and have a premiere party for the next season and use it.)

It certainly was not as elaborate as some of the parties I saw when I checked out Pinterest last week but the food was good and plentiful and so were the smiles and laughs. I will definitely offer it next year for our church auction and relax a little with some experience under my belt.


  1. You took stunt dressing to new highs! I scratched my head wondering why you put so much effort into the flowers. Now that I know, I appreciated your fantastic piece of performance art. Did you think about the budding flowers as you were working on your fabric flowers?

    1. "Performance art" I love it! Actually I was inspired by the spring blossoms around here at the time, after this long and cruel winter. Thanks!

  2. The flowers on your top are a piece of art themselves. Beautiful.
    Your Downtown tea sounds wonderful, great food and fun!

  3. Your flower embellished top was perfect for the Cherry blossom Festival. What an enormous amount of work to make all those flowers. But it is so gorgeous, it was worth it. The Downton Abbey tea treats look yummy. The party is a great idea for an auction item.


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