Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Still More Flowers....

Yesterday's crop of flowers took me a long time for a smaller result than day one's curled edge poppies.  I did new three varieties but after pinning them in place on my sweater, I still need some more varieties to make it as full and extravagant as I want.  I have an idea but it will mean a trip to Joann's this evening.  Stay tuned to see the next pink flower variation.  In the meantime, here's where the sweater stands so far and some details about the flowers.
Flower extravaganza in progress but plenty of gaps to fill
These wrapped flowers looked so easy and they probably are when made with a strip of quilting cotton.  But this rayon crepe was so slippery to handle that each one took me fifteen minutes.
Make a knot, then twist, pin, wrap and repeat....and keep re-wrapping the slippery fabric......then sew in place from the back
Silk organza from this month's Vogue pattern magazine instructions
My silk organza flowers don't resemble the picture because I used three layers and didn't paint mine....but I did use the cutting instructions:
The unpictured silk chiffon flowers were the easiest but still a little fiddly.  They were just 14 or 18" bias strips 1 1/2 wide, doubled over then hand gathered so they rolled into a flower shape.  I used pale, pale pink pearls to make them sparkle.  
I have enjoyed watching episodes five and six of The Great British Sewing Bee on youtube while working on this project.  We are an Apple computer household (although a very old operating system of theirs) and I wasn't able to download the Hola system.  I am waiting anxiously until that great system is available to MAC or ipad people since we happen to love, love love British television.  I get annoyed that the so called BBC America channel seems to only broadcast about a half dozen shows....and the GBSB is not one of them!!  I do love Gordon Ramsey and the episode today just happens to be a repeat about a local Baltimore restaurant.  But really, I want British television.  I am grateful that have been able to watch episodes one, two, five and six so far but would gladly pay to see the whole series.  I've heard about the American casting call and know that there are so many wonderful people out there in sewing world who would do a marvelous job.  But what I love about the GBSB is its gentility and fairness and I am less than hopeful that American producers can (or would want to) translate that touch to a US show.  OK, enough of my soapbox.  I have my daily walk, gardening, phone calls, emails, a cauliflower curry for dinner and then that run to Joann's.  I can see a final project at the end of the tunnel.....


  1. Those flowers look gorgeous and are worth every minute. I'll have to make one for the dress I'm working on. I looked at that Vogue magazine while at the book store, but didn't purchase it.

  2. Mac computer here too but I've been watching the GBSB using Hola. You need to use Firefox rather than Safari.

    Love your flowers!


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