Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flower Power in Progress

Yesterday was a darn productive two hours in my sewing space.  My flower sweater embellishing is well on its way to completion so let me share the progress so far.  
First I had to decide how to support the embellishments in this knit sweater.  It's meant to be worn as a single layer sweater and is such a pale color that I know I will want to wash it more frequently than my previously embellished cardigans. This is a pale medium weight cotton poly knit remnant that I draped around the sweater, hacked off then created a rounded shape which I lightly interfaced.  I'll stitch all the flowers to the knit then hand baste it on to the sweater base so I can remove it when washing the sweater.

These first flowers are cut from a half yard of crinkly poly from Joanns in a similar pale pink.  I cut five circles in descending sizes, from 3 1/4" in diameter to  1 3/4".  I cut 11 sets of circles then curled the edges by holding them above the candle flame.  Keep a bowl of water next to you just in case....  Stack the five layers, stitch together and in this case I used some buttons and have pinned them in place on that knit base.  I like the look so far.  

In a sewing room related question, one of my friends wanted to know about the cutting surfaces in your sewing rooms.  I have a large cutting mat that is supported in a piece of plywood that rests on three large old greeting store card storage drawers that I use for pattern storage.  The whole thing is mounted on large wheels so I have some flexibility in moving it around my room.  Here's how I fancied it up the summer before last:  Sewing room makeover  I love having a permanent cutting set up and appreciate the space I have for it.  As we consider downsizing in our future, that part of my sewing space would be the greatest sacrifice and one that I hope I don't have to make for many years.  How do you cut out garments?
Next, more flower variations and a finished project to celebrate being back in Baltimore.

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  1. This is going to be gorgeous- can't wait to see what happens after the next two hours.


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