Friday, May 20, 2011

New York and the Rapturous Sewing Guild Trip

A busload of sewing guild girlfriends,  an afternoon matinee, fabric shopping, eating drinking and that's the rapture I have planned for tomorrow.  Yes, I'm eagerly anticipating a terrific visit with my northern creative friends.  But I'm going to seriously restrict my purchases and stay on my current fabric diet.  Besides, I grew up outside on NYC and there's nothing prettier than a spring or early summer day in NYC.  I worked two summers,  1970 and 1971, as a tour guide at the World Trade Center construction site.  "Building Stewardesses" Sonic Memorial link   (See if you can pick me out in the picture.)  The New York economy was awful during the '70s but I was young, optimistic and thrilled to have this fantastic job.  On my off hours of I spent time exploring Manhattan and all the free, fun things to do.   I still love it the same way today.  People watching, a wonderful Broadway show, great ethnic food and the buzz of a metropolis.  Yup, I'm definitely a suburban girl and love these city trips.  So I may not come home on Saturday night with bags or boxes of fabric, but I'll still be walking on air....and walking on tired feet.

Daily deluges and thunderstorms have kept me indoors most of this week.   I've sewn up three Simplicity 2364 tops while trying to decide what to make for my next two jacket projects.  That means I've been looking closely at my humongous northern fabric collection and while I can find plenty of fabric in NYC that I WANT I certainly won't find any that I NEED.  The only "need" I have was just fulfilled with a Fabric Mart email this morning.   Now that I have a summer sheath dress pattern pretty well tweaked, I would like some more stretch linings and what do you know, Fabric Mart has a collection of stretch poly charmeuses for $1.99 a yard.  I normally would never use poly for a lining since I hate the heat and "sweatiness" of it.  But I think for a sleeveless sheath it will be just fine.  And I love how a lined sheath feels.  Of course, I might break my fabric diet when I see some of the knits at Metro.  Kashi always gets me with those.  And in the interest of supporting the economy and small business.....oh, you know the rest of that story.
Simplicity 2364 in rayon silk knit
In Vera Lang brown knit from Fabric Mart

The rainy days have come with frequent night and daytime thunder and lightening storms.  Personally, I love being inside on a rainy day.  Makes me appreciate my home, shelter and the eventual sunshine.  Sam the basenji has never been bothered by storms or fireworks, always a very stoic dog.  Lucky the rescue dog is definitely different.  He's huddled next to me or under furniture each  time the storms started, not really trembling but not happy about the conditions.   Guess we're fortunate that he's not like some dogs who truly go beserk with those weather patterns.

Happy weekend, everyone!
How Sam repsonds to thunderstorms
How Lucky responds to thunderstorms


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time in NYC!

  2. Nice tops! I like the fabric in both of them. Those are cute pictures of your darlings. Have a fun trip to one of my favorite places, NYC!

  3. Your planned day sounds like heaven. I'm a bit of a city girl myself, which makes living on a small island quite a challenge at times. Have a wonderful day with your friends. Nice job on your new tops!

  4. Those are super tops. And yes, we should all try to keep the fabric stores in business, and buy as much fabric as possible!


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