Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jacket #4, JAM and M&S Schmalberg Flowers

Happy Mother's Day!  It's a gorgeous spring day in Maryland, perfect for wearing my new jacket and bringing flowers from the yard to our Flower Communion service at my Unitarian Universalist church this morning.   The stitch and flip jacket technique that I used on this jacket worked out quite nicely.  It's fully lined but since the lining is treated almost like an underlining, it makes for a comfortable, almost sweater-like jacket.  I've used this technique on other jackets in recent years and can't rave enough about how well it works.  There are some limitations but overall it's the best way for me to wear a lined jacket but live in a warm climate almost year round.  Yes, it's a repeat pattern, Simplicity 3884, now officially a TNT pattern since this is my second version.

As for the flower pin I'm wearing, that came from a fun NYC garment district visit to M&S Schmalberg who use old wooden "stencil" molds to create custom flowers for designers and individuals.   WSJ article on M&S Schmalberg  It's actually a rather reasonable expense to have them custom make flowers from your own fabric.  If I were planing a wedding or special anniversary outfit, I would definitely look into having them create custom coordinated flowers....imagine a small corsage of bridal lace as a sentimental way to keep your wedding dress lace as an everyday accessory.

For those of you super curious, here's the inside of the stitch and flip jacket...after a full day's wearing.  A little wrinkled but uber comfy:
Hope it's been a good day for you, wherever you live.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! Your JAM #4 looks terrific and comfortable, too! S3884 definitely belongs in your TNT pile. Thanks for the link for the flower.

  2. Beautiful jacket. The color looks so pretty on you.

  3. Such a pretty colour and style. It looks great on you.

  4. what a beautiful jacket! I love the style and the colour is so pretty and perfect for spring. The flower pin is perfect, as is that beautiful bright lining.


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