Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing Weather Arrives and Brings Simplicity 2364

Simplicity 2364
Hooray for rain today in Maryland.  I speak as a gardener and as someone eager to have an excuse to be sewing.  I got back from my wonderful Texas whirlwind visit on Sunday evening.  No fabric shopping (I left that to the wonderful Chicago PR weekend participants) but lots of great sights, lovely people and delicious food.   And, yes, Audrey, I too have been upgraded on flights just because I was polite and nicely dressed....but not this hectic flying weekend!  Packed planes, long lines....what were they giving away at airports this weekend?
The Oasis overlooking Lake Traverse
My brother and I saw the sights of Austin over a two day visit.  Spectacular views from Mount Bonnell and The Oasis, a riot of fun on 6th Street at Esther's Follies and great canoing weather at Zilker Park and Gardens.  Couldn't ask for a better time.

Zilker Gardens

Great food and history...where Janis Joplin debuted

Now that I'm home,  Mr. Lucky has left on his golf excursion to South Carolina with a bunch of fellow fire dept. retirees and I'm holding down the fort with the two dogs.  I should be weeding and planting but the nice rainy weather means that I get to do some sewing instead.  Yesterday  I did a muslin of Simplicity #2365 and today just sewed up the "real" one and have another on the cutting table.  I tried a similar Sandra Betzina Vogue version a few years ago but never  was happy with the result, way too big in the shoulders and chest area.  This one I really like.

Sorry for the hanger pic.  I have yet to find a place to take timer pics of myself so this will have to do until Mr. Lucky returns.   Everyone wil be happy to see him back here since one of the dogs must have eaten someone else's food while at the kennel.  Yup, upset tummy and a two time workout for the terrific Royal carpet cleaner that we bought years ago, thanks to a PR recommendation.   So I have a few more interruptions each day and evening just making sure that we all get outside before any more inside accidents.  Later this week, the garden.  Until then, another top!


  1. I really like that top! Has a very nice style to it.

  2. That's a very pretty top, and looks like a wonderful trip.


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