Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fabric and Pattern Organization Continues

How do you organize your creative space?  I'm fortunate enough to have an entire room to devote to my sewing hobby interest compulsion  love affair.  As in all love affairs, there's wild romance and abandon in the beginning but after a while it's usually necessary to settle into a more routine, regulated and more organized manner of living.  That's why I've slowly abandoned my wild fabric, button, notion and pattern buying sprees and am becoming more organized and judicious in the use of my creative space and time.  Wish I had learned these habits earlier in life; they would have made many areas of my life less prone to unnecessary drama and angst.  But regrets are a topic for another day.  Today I am celebrating my newly organized closet of fabric and patterns.

I've tried several fabric organization methods over the years and this one a slight variation on all of them.  I did the organize by fabric type...woolens, silks, knits, etc.  Then when I got caught up in the SWAP (sewing with a plan) fervor I reorganized by color families.  That would definitely have been a useful method....especially if I ever actually completed a SWAP project!  Turns out the main advantage of that SWAP fervor was to buckle down and create about a dozen TNT patterns.  Since I'm not working any longer I don't need the coordinated wardrobe of my working days but I do appreciate having patterns that I can just pull out and get instant sewing gratification in any given week or so.  So what does this mean for my fabric organization?  This time I'm doing a combination of those two main styles....fabric by type and also by planned garment intent.  Let me take you on a tour:

I made quick labels for my plastic bins with some free graphics from The graphics fairy  She has some lovely vintage sewing graphics that would be wonderful craft projects for a sewing theme.  I'm thinking of mod podging some of them onto canvas as artwork.  Here's  a wonderful tutorial that I came across on my newest obsession, Pinterest:  my Pinterest pin for a photo canvas project

My closet doors are painted and drying in the garage so soon this new organization will be hidden from view.  But I feel calmer inside when I can get to projects and materials quickly and easily.  Isn't there some awful statistic out there about how much time we lose looking for misplaced items?   I'll take more pictures of the rest of the room next week and ask your opinion about some of its design and organization.  In the meantime, hope your sewing projects are bringing you joy and peace.


  1. It is such a good feeling when everything is organised and neat. It looks like you have a lovely stash there. Glad you are keeping the dogs though. Your pencil skirts look lovely too .

  2. Seems I am always trying to organize my sewing room as well. I have some of those Cardboard box pattern holders but they do not hold the odd sized patterns well. I have some of the drawer units like yours. That is a great idea to use those! I have one that is empty and I think it needs to become a pattern drawer unit! Thanks for the site with the graphics.

    I too am on a much more buy what I really need basis for now. I have so much fabric and many supplies. I am working on using what I have first. :O) With luck my new attitude for more sewing time this next year will see my fabric stash go down a lot!

  3. It looks very neat, tidy and organised. Thanks for the link to the sewing graphics.

  4. I love the way you've organized your patterns. Your closet is looking good. I need an extra high shelf like you've got, to utilize the wasted vertical space.

  5. Your sewing closet is very enticing! I understand the love affair analogy. You are taking good care of your loved one :)

  6. I always enjoy seeing other sewist's organization methods. And I know how invigorating it feels to have a tidy sewing space. Hmmm...maybe I should do some organizing.


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