Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas!

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope yours is full of joy, peace and happiness.  And to my other readers, I hope December 25 is a day to enjoy with friends and family.  
My family had wonderful holiday celebrations together.  This is one from more than 50 years ago.  You can't see the color but I'm wearing a green taffeta dress with black velvet trim and some delicate lace.  Isn't it remarkable the textile memory that sewists have?  I loved that dress and it's a shame that I grew so quickly as a youngster and had to keep my mother busy making me new Sunday clothes all the time.  
I'm pretty sure that I am ecstatic to be opening my Barbie doll in this picture, something I doubted I would be getting but that great Santa came through again.  
My parents are both gone now and this Christmas would have been my dad's 90th birthday.  Fortunately I have happy, silly and sweet memories as well as loving friends and family with whom to celebrate this year. Here's hoping that you have something in your life to make your heart sing, today and every day of the new year.


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