Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Testing Linings

"A holiday dance at your club?  Oh, yes we'd love to join you.  This Saturday night, terrific.  Thank you so much for thinking of us"  Hang up the phone and my next thought, yikes what am I going to wear?   
My life is rather casual these days, to put it mildly.  Up north I was in the corporate world more than a decade ago and had clothes for business and also for evening entertaining.  Not so much anymore.  So when our dear friends extended this invitation yesterday I scrambled for a little to decide what I would wear/sew for this weekend.  
Last year at the wonderful New Year's Day sale at Dillard's dept. store I bought myself two dressy tops for just such a possible holiday future invitation.  I have another one that I bought about four years ago which has served me well with dressy black pants through some holiday parties and gatherings.  But this is going to be a dance at their lovely club with a band that we enjoy dancing to so very much.  Time to get a skirt project going.  

I am deciding between these three tops.  I love the look of the purple twist top and have a perfect piece of purple crinkled rayon with which to make a skirt.  So here's one idea although not particularly Christmas-y.
RTW top

Purple is exact match for the RTW top

First choice for the burgundy lace
Too fussy for the glitter fabric
Here are the other two tops I have to wear, both deep burgundy: 
Next is 
this cheap very inexpensive piece of holiday lace that I had already cut out for my favorite Kwik Sew 3231 8 gore skirt.  It needs a lining and it isn't chic by any means but I like the glitter of it and I'm leaning towards this project.  Now this is not couture sewing happening here but either one will make a fun skirt for dancing at a delightful holiday celebration with friends.  
I'll show you all the possible lining choices I've been testing this morning.  I'm leaning towards the black; what do you think?
dark grey lining

hot pink lining
black lining
Now that you've formed an opinion, please tell me what you think
You can also join me in a "blog hop" started by my friend, Michele.  blog hop pics at bottom of post

My pic is awful but it posted before I could fix it.  Sorry, Michele, this link stuff iw way too new for me.


  1. You are the best judge, of course, but I like the look of the grey lining. Or the purple outfit--I'm very partial to purple. Have a great time!

  2. Hmm. Hard to say without seeing the blouse right next to the lace and lining combos, but I think that I agree with KC, above - the grey is my pick. And I really like the purple combination that you showed first. Who says that purple isn't holiday?? It's a "royal" colour!

  3. Oh, Jane, I think the grey looks elegant. What fun--thanks!

  4. I love the black lining. Tina in VA

  5. I am liking the grey or the black lining, I agree with the tops right next to it would be easier to say for sure which one. Tough call on which of the two red tops to go with. I would just try them on with the finished skirt and the one that looks the best is a go!

  6. Well Nan likes the pink lining the best.

  7. I'd like to see the black lining and lace next to the top, but without seeing it together, I am leaning towards black. The purple is great also!

  8. Hi Jane -
    I guess I am going to go against the group and say hot pink! But you know I am a pink girl! Also, sorry that my pic posted in the blog hop, I was trying to put in my new blog - this linky thing is new to me also!
    Michele P

  9. I would go with the grey but that is probably because since I stopped coloring my hair that is the color I go to. I also like the black

  10. Jane
    I vote for the hot pink

  11. I'm in the same shape as you. If I were invited to a fancy party I'd have to scramble to find something to wear. I like the black lining.

  12. Sorry to add to the confusion, but I prefer the grey too!! So classy. I think a fun skirt is perfect for Christmas parties!


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