Friday, December 2, 2011

Sewing Room Reorganizatio, Stage 1

Hello again, lovely sewing friends.  I'm coming out from under piles of fabric to reclaim my sewing space.   There's been heavy lifting, fabric sifting and fabric shifting going on in my FL sewing room for the last week.   Mr. Lucky did most of the furniture moving and then painted my sewing space from top to bottom.  No more 80's peach border and peach paint.  Now it's a very neutral creamy beige, same as our guest room, with sparkling white trim.  Isn't it delightful how much freshly painted trim can just brighten a room?
It was also an opportunity to handle each piece of fabric and decide if I was ever really going to turn it into something wearable.  I have been doing these type of assessments in my life in the last decade and it was very difficult at first.  I was drawn to that fabric or craft idea with all the good intentions in the world to actually use it.  But there are only so many hours in the day and I have to acknowledge that I have many interests in life but just not enough time for all of them.  I've always joked about finally giving up tap dancing lessons on my bucket list of things to do but now I'm giving up polymer clay buttons and jewelry, purse making, scrapbooking and several other ideas for which I have purchased supplies and books over the years.  I'm now acknowledging that much as I love flowing designs from Louise cutting and the Sewing Workshop on so many beautiful sewists around the globe, they're not really part of my daily style.  Goodbye to beautiful linens, tencels and a few washed rayons (ok, some I just have to keep around.)  
Here are a few in progress pictures:

That's my fabric storage closet emptied out.  Patterns are in the plastic drawers.  They too will be culled but that project is not as urgent.
It's a tall closet since we have a cathdral ceiling in this room, which is over the downstairs garage.  
Fabric and dogs.  Keep both the dogs but make decisions on that fabric.

To keep my sanity, I did need some real, not just virtual sewing in my life while this project was happening.  The Goodwill donations a few weeks ago included bout a half dozen peairs of capri pants so now I've cut out an equal number of those pencil skirts that I just can't stop sewing.  
Both moleskin fabrics that don't need a lining.  

Ok, back to more sorting, shifting and an additional skirt or two.  It's breakfast with our dogs and dogpark friends tomorrow morning and now I have somethng new to wear.  
Hope your weekend is a wonderful one, wherever you may be.


  1. Big project! My sewing room is also above the garage. Its the only upstairs room we have.

  2. Your post rings my bell. I know I can never, in my lifetime, ever do all the crafts, or sew all the patterns that I would like. Still, I hang on and keep dreaming!

  3. Jane, I am contemplating the same purge. I have bins of scrapbooking items from 10+ yrs ago and I need the space. Many never even open. I agree that they also need to go, along with all the pretty rayons that I know I will never sew...I admire your ability to say goodbye to these old friends! Thanks for the motivating post.
    Tina in Va


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