Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere Part 1

Isn't new fabric one of the most exciting things to contemplate?  There's so much potential in every piece and I get so much pleasure from merely "petting" my fabric as I put it away or rearrange my collection yet again.  I've sold and given away a lot of fabric in the last few years but surprise, surprise, they are still selling more of it!  So here are my recent May purchases and some stories about them that may resonate with you, my fellow fabricholics.

Mr. Lucky had been gone on two trips in May so the latter part of the month was my turn to take some trips and enjoy girlfriend time.  I first went to PA to visit my friend, Ann, who has become highly enamored with quilting in recent years.  Ah, I'll be safe, I thought, I'm not a quilter and although I own some quilting cottons, feel no need to add to my collection.  We spent a beautifully warm spring day driving through Amish country to reach the Dansko shoe outlet.  I browsed idly while Ann bought some cute and comfortable clogs and sandals.  I stock up on comfort shoes like these at the annual Dillards sale in Florida each Jan. 1 but eventually I did find something that had been on my "missing shoe list." 
Dansko boots

No, not Cinderella shoes, you know, shoes that you would like to have and only realize when you are getting in what's missing from this outfit? I have wonderful tall and short boots but only in brown.  Black would be nice.  Seems like a splurge for something I'd only wear a few times a year.  Well, since it was May and these boots were more than 1/2 off the retail price and there's no sales tax on clothes and shoes (or fabric) in PA, they'll last forever, we'll sell that Florida condo someday and there will be more winter weather in my year....I gave in.  Oh my gosh they are comfortable and pretty chic, if I say so myself.  And no fabric so far.  
From the Dansko outlet we drove back and stopped for lunch in the very touristy Intercourse, PA (as the old joke goes, yes, it's between Paradise and Blue Ball, Pennsylvania)  Picked up some delicious home made jam at the Kitchen Kettle Canned Goods and sampled many inspiring fruit combinations for my own summer canning.
Back on Main Street Ann wanted to stop at the local quilt store, Zooks, and while she shopped for coordinating fabrics I just moseyed around.  Almost all of the fabrics were the solid plain cotton poly blends for the locals' home sewn clothing or very traditional quilting fabrics, none of the modern ones that I do like.  I was a little bored.  However, I must have some sort of internal fabric homing device in my DNA.  As I wandered aimlessly waiting for Ann to get her fabric cut, I sauntered past a dark little corner, out of the way and did see some contemporary prints on the two dusty shelves.  Looks like this is where the final sale fabrics go since they were all marked $3.29 a yard.  I picked up this bolt and almost yelped out loud.....or maybe sang out loud "I love New York."  
Imagine, I'm going to make a quilt!

Yes, it's a wonderful New York print in my favorite colors of green, gold and brown and one of these days it's going to be a small sized quilt for our family room couch to replace the old beach towel currently in use for Lucky the rescue dog's cuddling time with us.   Untouched bolt, 7 yrds, $23.00, mine.  Even in a Pennsylvania Dutch traditional quilt store I end up buying fabric.

I was leaving the next morning to head back to Baltimore (along with some donated fashion fabric that Ann just had to give me) and felt the car automatically head to Fabric Mart which is about 3 miles, at most, from my friend's house.  Just checking out what was in the retail store since they were having their 1/2 off sale for another week and I was coming up on Tuesday with three other friends.  It looked a little picked over but I said hi to Chris and Sandy.  They were busy cutting fabric for all of you mail order customers around the USA....and told them I'd be back with a carload of sewing friends next week.  Darn it, I couldn't leave this lovely piece had to come home with me that day.  It's a heavy stretch lace ($4.00 a yard) and won't it be an awesome pencil skirt along with this Chicos leather jacket?  
In my mind this fabric is already a skirt.
Ok, that's enough for this episode of unintentional fabric buying.  Next post will show you what happened on that four person Fabric Mart trip followed by a NYC day.  

For those of you not fascinated by the mere purchase of fabric, here are some book recommendations from the last month.  This one has been on the bestseller list for a long time and it deserves its accolades.  

Scientifically fascinating yet filled with such a human story of challenges and determination.  It is our book group selection for this evening, especially interesting since we all live, like the Lacks family, here in Baltimore where all of this happened.  So very, very glad that I read it.

Another Baltimore based story is the latest Anne Tyler novel.  It was sad and heartbreaking at times even if it does have a "happy ending."  But again I am so glad that I read it even though it was rough going.  A young man's wife dies suddenly and yet he sees her accompany him in his daily life as they discuss their short and less than perfect marriage.  

I haven't seen the movie but when this book showed up available for my Kindle from the library I gave it a try.  I was so happy to have discovered it.  I thought the writing was wonderful and found it very compelling and complex.  The reviews that kept referring to "a humorous novel" puzzled me.   I thought it was sad, ironic, melancholy, angry, despairing, accepting and hopeful.  Of course, I won't mind watching George Clooney now that I've read the book.

When I need totally mindless, light, and funny, then Janet Evanovich always pulls through for me.  This latest Stephanie Plum book is as formulaic as the rest but sometimes I just need pure distraction and this one worked perfectly.
So what's on your summer reading list?

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