Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One New TNT, One Old TNT

Perfect Tank Pamela's Patterns
Tried and True patterns, TNTs, became a goal for me about six or seven years ago when the whole Sewing With a Plan (SWAP) movement started exploding on the internet sewing groups.  I have an extensive fabric collection, to say the least, but didn't have a large variety of top, bottoms and jacket patterns from which to make a coordinated wardrobe.  Thus began my serious quest to get some patterns that I could just stitch up quickly with minimal adjusting.  The SWAP concept went by the wayside for me but I'm happy that I have TNT patterns in my repertoire and keep discovering a few more.  Here's my latest one, a very simple but effective tank top from my favorite independent patternmaker, Pamela's Patterns  Perfect Tank Top Pattern 
raising the armscye for more coverage
The fabric is a very smooth, lightweight grey rayon and spandex knit from Fabric Mart.  The pattern has two fronts, one with darts and one without.  I used the darted front and a size small.  I like that it covers bra straps although I did have to make a slight pattern adjustment to cover some under arm flubby stuff.  

I wore it last week with a jacket I made a few years ago that needed a gray tank underneath it.  It sews up easily although I think next time I will move the strap location 1/2" further in towards the middle of my back since that's a very narrow spot on my body.  I also might consider some very lightweight knit interfacing on the facings and straps to give them just a touch more body and firmness.  I think this pattern has wonderful possibilities as a lovely knit nightie as well or maybe in some silk stretch charmeuse that I have in my collection.  Another good investment from this great pattern company.

Simplicity 2364
The second item from last week's sewing was a new version of one of my favorite patterns, Simplicity 2364 .  I was culling through my knit fabrics to put items in my give away pile when I wondered what to do with a stretch lace I bought years ago at Jomar in Philadelphia for maybe a dollar or two a yard.  Too sheer for me to wear on its own but not really nice enough to underline for a full top.  But I love it, love it doubled up as the bolero like neck and sleeves of this Simplicity top.  I used two layers of the stretch lace for the sleeves, put them wrong sides together and just treated them as one pattern piece.  

I have a few more lace and slinky combinations in my collection, one in maroon and one in dark olive greens.  I think I might lengthen the top and make one of those into a knee length dress.  Keep reading and watching to see if I get to that project this year.
Now for an entirely different view of things:
Front yard without the roses or fence this spring

Mr. Lucky finishes the job with some rented tool help

Hard at work on a steamy day
While I was inside sewing last week, Mr. Lucky was sweating outside replacing a wooden fence we have had in the front yard for 15 or more years with a bright new scalloped vinyl one.  Last fall we moved an over sized climbing rose, New Dawn, so this summer and fall we'll be re-landscaping the front.  But we were motivated to get the fence replaced in time for the local neighborhood garden tour this coming weekend.  It rained all day yesterday so today I'll spend this afternoon weeding again in preparation.  Hope your labors at home or work are not too back breaking.


  1. You have two great additions to your wardrobe! It sounds like you are making good use of TNTs. Happy sewing and weeding!!

    1. Than you. Sewing does make me so happy....sure wish the weeding did:-)

  2. Both garments are very cute on you!

    1. Thank you, Shams. That tripod is helping me get pictures posted on a slightly more timely basis.

  3. Both tops look wonderful. I haven't tried Pamela's camisole pattern yet - don't know if I will. It looks to be quite similar to one of the views on the Kwik Sew pattern I just used. Do I really need two very similar patterns? I'll think on that one.

    1. Ah, how many similar patterns should we own? Now there's a question for the philosophers.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. It's not as hot here as in TX but I know I'll get plenty of use out of this pattern.

  5. Jane-
    Love the tank and really love the fence!
    Michele P


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