Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Me Made May Thoughts

Whew, I'm glad the photo taking is over for last month.  I don't have any particularly wise or witty thoughts about participating in Me Made May 2012....but heck, I'll share the random thoughts that did occur to me.
1.  I was encouraged by seeing young people sewing across the globe.  No, this wasn't the Arab Spring but it was enjoyable to see creativity and fashion made at home and by hand.  There's a sense of pride, ownership and appreciation for garments fashioned by oneself that is far more rewarding than just experiencing a shopping expedition.  Seeing that excitement was the highlight of the month for me.
2.  I did catch myself dressing with more care and attention to accessories during the month.  Since I needed a photo of a me made garment each day in May, I mostly wanted that photo to reflect a positive, fashionable sewing experience, not just a utilitarian one.  So I deliberately eliminated shots of my polar fleece socks and made sure that I showed a range of garments.  
3.  I was pleased to see that I could accomplish thirty-one days of outfits without repeating a particular garment although I certainly repeated favorite TNT sewing patterns....and isn't that the point of TNT patterns!
4.  I did find a few voids in my wardrobe.  May started out chilly and I noticed that most of my tweed or cool weather jackets are in Florida, not Maryland.  Must do something about that.  I had one jacket that I didn't wear because it needs a grey knit tank top.  Already bought fabric to do something about that.
5.  Taking a picture of myself each and every day (true confessions, I missed one day) was way too self-obsessed for me.  I know that sounds like a little contradictory to point #2 but I discovered that I just don't need to see myself in a photograph that often.  I like to look and feel nice in what I wear but once I'm dressed, that's about it for me for the day.  I have never been a primper, even when it probably would benefit me.  What you see when I get cleaned up and dressed is just about as good as it's going to get today.  The picture taking did drag me down after awhile and ultimately felt too "me me me me May."  
Conclusions:  Glad I gave it a try.  Nice to see others.  Would rather watch from the sidelines and share comments in the future rather than be an active participant.
So, in case you are still mildly curious, here are the last eight pictures of Me Made May, 2012.
Simplicity 2409 as a sleeveless dress

At the Dansko shoe outlet in PA...see new boots in bag!

Yes, that's exactly what I was feeling about another picture...

Me Made May did get me to buy this useful tripod.

Red white and blue for Memorial Day

Waiting for the bus after long fun day in NYC

Done.  Finished.  Fini.  
I've always loved June as my favorite month of the year and now I have another daily pictures to plan for each day.  Hope your June and mine is filled with sewing adventures but no sewing stress.


  1. I think that (if & when) I ever do a Me Made Month, I would relate completely to your collection of thoughts....some peoples' comments, including yours, have convinced me that it may be time for me to join - thanks for a thought-full post :)

  2. I also relate to your collection of thoughts and I have done Me Made months, three times. The hardest part, for me, is definitely the daily pictures!

  3. I enjoyed following your MMM, Jane. My hat is off to all the folks who did this as I can tell how time consuming it is to plan AND carry out 31 outfits. Good for you!

  4. Being one who has difficulty getting photos taken for my regular blog posts, I can sympathize with your relief following a month of daily photos. I think I need to invest in a tripod, too, as orchestrating good hair and makeup, my husband and some sunshine can be challenging.
    I enjoyed seeing what you wore each day. It's nice to see garments as they're made, but I also like to see how they combine with other garments, and how the outfit is styled. You were looking pretty good in May!

  5. Such fun and lovely photos of you, Jane!


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