Saturday, January 8, 2011

Easy Sewing Therapy: Placemats

I'm needing some very simple sewing projects while we foster little Lucky for these first few days.  These are placemats that I made with more of the donated decorator fabric brought to sewing guild meeting each month.  I wouldn't normally post about this simple a project but the shape is what made me happy.  I was looking for a Big 4 pattern to fit the round table of a friend this last month and could not find this angled design in any of the catalogs.  Then a sewing friend shared this design and I love it.  Worked perfectly for the blue and green placemats that I made in December and now we havesix of these on our oval lanai table.
Pattern dimensions are 20" at the bottom width, length 13 1/2" and width at the top is 11" with 1/4" seam allowance.
Pattern shape

Afternoon of day 2
Here's the slight truce we're at so far between Sam the basenji and Lucky.  I would call it "we've agreed to disagree" tone.  Lucky is definitely getting bolder (not a great thing and why he needs to get neutered and we get trained in managing a terrier) and more playful, definitely a good thing and very fun for us since Sam has never been that kind of dog.  Thanks for all your good wishes.  Our routine is getting re-established with getting a second dog sooner than we had ever considered but we're all learning.


  1. That's a great shape for a round table. Perfect!

  2. Great placemats. The navy and white is a great combo. It really pops and adds pizzaz to the table. The two little creatures are darling. I'm glad to hear they're striking a truce of sorts.

  3. You never cease to amaze me...are these washable or just for decoration...I do love the design & fabric...

  4. Clever design for your oval table.

  5. Very clever idea. Changing the shape really adds a new dimension (sorry, bad pun...).

  6. Nice placemats. I know I need some little sewing projects that I can be successful with, since not much luck with the fitting issues yet. Love the dogs....very cute find. He is so darling.


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