Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep Your Fingers Crossed for Lucky

Lucky wearing "the cone of shame"
Lucky has won our hearts in the last five days since he was abandoned at the dogpark and now we're having to do our part to save his heart.  He went to the vet yesterday and we asked for him to be groomed, neutered and to get his shots.  She did a heartworm test and unfortunately for him, and for us, it turned up positive.   Lots of tears here as we read about how serious this is, all from a mosquito bite, so common in Florida.  Next week he'll start on the strong meds that work to kill the worms in his heart.  We have to keep him inactive for a month to try and keep the broken pieces of dead worms from causing a blockage or embolism.   As you can tell from our last picture of the two dogs playing, that will be our challenge.   The vet thinks he's maybe five years old and he's a plucky guy so we're working for the best.

On the sewing front this means that we'll be sure to be spending more time at home with Lucky crated in each room with us to keep him from playing hard once he gets better.  Ok, I could use some focused time in the sewing space.  One thing I have to do is catch up on a whole lot of Patternreview reviews that I haven't updated or submitted.   Blogging has been good for my lax record keeping skills.  And I love getting to read others experiences and be inspired by garments on PR.  I'll also be sewing up some of those knit tops for next month's big trip.  Time to stop worrying about the pup and get busy while he's getting healthy.


  1. Oh, I do hope that Lucky gets better! So sad.

  2. That little pup is the cutest thing. I hope he overcomes his heartworm. Poor lil guy.

  3. Best wishes for Lucky. We are dog lovers here too.

  4. Well he IS very lucky to have found you. Keeping everything crossed for you both. xxx


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