Friday, January 14, 2011

Putting Together a Travel Wardrobe

Many, many years ago I took some terrible advice for a travel wardrobe.  I was going from the USA to London for a three week university study program in early January.  Somewhere I had read the idea (must have been written by a guy!) to take along clothes you didn't particularly like anymore and discard them by the end of your trip so you could bring home things you had purchased.  I suppose there's some usefulness to this concept but I remember it as a horror.  For three weeks I was wearing clothes that didn't flatter me and were sometimes uncomfortable.  There was very scratchy two piece top and skirt that I had sewn that I had to wear over and over, ugh.   I felt frumpy and stupid each time I got dressed....and trust me, the 70s were not a particularly elegant time so it was bad!!!   Terribly inappropriate advice for this girly girl put into practice....and also foolish for a university student on the tightest of budgets.
Today my travel wardrobe planning is quite different.  We mostly do day hikes, some small town sightseeing and then have a nice dinner each evening.  I pack with a color theme in mind, bring accessories like jewelry and scarves and am happy every day with how I look and feel.  No ugly clothes, just darker colors, mix and match separates and comfy, attractive shoes.
I was going to sew a brown denim jeans jacket for the trip but found this in late November at a Stein Mart store for half off the clearance price, $27.00 total.  

This knit top is one I have reviewed after discovering it in my first Knip Mode, the April, 2008 issue.  Fabric Mart ITY knit with blues, browns and blacks in it.  (My tense smile....a little nervous that some rough-housing might be starting with the two dogs in the hall.)  Since that issue, Burda has come out with their version, #7625

  and this year Butterick has one also #5495
Next up I have to start planning a few projects to take to my sewing retreat next week.  I like to have them cut out and do any interfacing ahead of time so I can sew there and get fitting help with so many good friends around.

Lucky the rescue dog is finally feeling better from his surgery.  We are already working to keep the dogs calmer and more separated.  Now we are asking around from some spare dog crates that we can borrow for a few months in prep for Lucky's isolation time for the heartworm regimen.  Thanks once more for all your good wishes.  Here's the sweet parting shot:


  1. That's a wonderful look for travel. Love the top!

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  3. ...too many typos in my last comment...
    I LOVE the pretty styling of your top with the front gathers. Very nice. And such a nice print.

    That's too funny about the advice you got to wear clothes you hated. How awful! I used to work for an airline and enjoyed strategizing a travel wardrobe philosophy. I swear by color capsules where things mix and match. Plus I bring ultra thin lightweight items for splashes of fun in zero space... I think of all your gorgeous silky overblouses you've made. They're so nice for evening, make you feel floaty and pretty and take zero space. Also, instead of packing only one thick fleece top for warmth, I would make and bring TWO ultra thin micro fleece tops, making for two different looks and the two warmth levels by wearing one or two at the same time. (times I've brought only ONE warm thing, I was so DISGUSTED by it by midtrip).

  4. I love that top on you! I've gone back and forth about that Butterick pattern, but I'm going to have to pick it up at the next sale. The style looks so nice on you.

  5. Your own packing strategy makes much more sense and you look great in that knit top and jacket. Hoping for a good outcome for Lucky!


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