Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finished: Silk Flower Embellished Sweater and Button/Bias Embellished Skirt

Just saw the most delightful play, "Sylvia" by A.R. Gurney, the author of "Love Letters" and The Cocktail Hour" among others.  All of you dog lovers in the sewing world would find it  a humorous and entertaining show.  Don't tell, but Mr. Lucky was wiping his eyes at the end.   Me, of course I had tears, but I cry at Hallmark commercials...

This morning I was sewing my flowers onto the sweater as well as the bias and buttons onto the skirt just in time to attend the matinee today.  So maybe it's the last minute adrenaline rush but I love how the silk flowers turned out.  They have a slightly burned edge and the silk is lustrous.  These were sale silk dupionis in four shades of blue, from Joanns home dec sale area and I think one from Fabric Mart.  Never quite knew what to do with them but I think I've found the answer....combine them into these multi-dimensional flowers.
I think the sweater will look great with casual jeans as well as this skirt.

The skirt is a repeat of Burda 8294 a simple bias skirt that I fitted this fall.  Thanks to those of you who commented on my design decision post.  I ended up siding with Christiana and Shannon so thank you, ladies.  I appreciate everyone who reads this little blog and especially those of you who take the time to share your remarks.  I know how many blogs I love to read and it isn't easy to comment each time.  Thank you!!!

The finished skirt hem area has a narrow 3/4" bias strip handsewn onto the skirt with crystal marcasite buttons added to give sheen and glimmer along the edge.  Mr. Lucky really liked the skirt and my wonderful sewing friend who was at the theater with us liked the flowers.  Me, I'm thrilled it's done and so very happy with the outcome.  No new pattern here but a fun new outfit and wonderful separates for my closet.
Close up of the buttons, the bias strip and the silk herringbone plaid fabric
Slight burnt edge around each petal shape


  1. The whole outfit turned out beautifully. Nice work!

  2. Wow, definitely a fab outfit! Those silk flowers sure are neat.

  3. Love the way this outfit turned out. The flowers are beautiful!

  4. FABULOUS! You sure are encouraging me to get back to garment sewing. Pretty soon you will have to purge your closet(s) of anything ready-to-wear to make room for all of your lovely customs!


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