Monday, April 4, 2011

JAM #3, Vogue 8136, Finished and a PR Confession

Well, I wore my latest JAM to my ASG chapter meeting on Saturday and got Mr. Lucky to snap a picture.  I really like this pattern and think it will be my wool doubleknit and boiled wool go to pattern.  That collar has lots of potential for different shapes as well so this is sure to be a standard in my TNT collection.  I did interface all the pieces and perhaps that was the opposite overkill for this particular jacket since it does feel and look bulky on my body.  But it's still very wearable right now and will be fun to make up for cooler autumn days.  I also think I'll like it in a woven, lighter weight fabric.
Collar dart cut open, on the left

Top of collar dart, not sewn all the way to the edge

Shawl collar details

It's not easy to see the construction details for this shawl collar but it is one of the easiest and most successful ways I've ever sewn those under collar corners.  Rather than pivot at the corner and work to move all the fabric out of the way before sewing the rest of the neck seam, you merely sew the shoulder seam up to the collar dart.  Then start on the other side of that collar dart and sew the neck seam.  Perfect result every time

No dimples or pulls on that shoulder corner!

PR Confession:  OK, I'll admit it.  I love reading PR and hate, hate , hate writing reviews.  I'm rather computer challenged and the external links and picture posting on PR make me crazy.  I know that people complain about posting and editing here on Blogger but they must be trying to do "cooler" things than I am.  I'm not at that level and probably won't be going there soon.  I'm thrilled with how easy it is to put a picture on my desktop, download it to Blogger and then put it in a post.   So, yes, I will get this pattern formally reviewed for PR but not soon.  So thank you, all of you great PR reviewers.  I bow to your commitment and expertise.  Of course, this aversion might also explain why most of my PR reviews are OOP patterns :-)

And now for some little diversions.  I have been reading and enjoying Gail Godwin novels for many years now.  I especially enjoyed 
Father Melancholy's Daughter and Evensong.  I picked up her novel, Queen of the Underworld, and found it readable but unfulfilling.  Wonderful concept....young girl reporter gets her first job in Miami just as the first Cuban refugees are fleeing Castro.  The newsroom scenes seemed authentic and gritty but the rest of it was full of slow, unresolved stories that left me wanting more.  So disappointing.  But like a sewing project, some books are lackluster as well, even from much loved authors.

Last picture...the summer haircut.  Every summer my brother would get the "buzz cut" for the hot weather season.  Lucky the rescue dog got his summer buzz cut last week and came out looking like an entirely different dog.  I was a little horrified at first but have gotten used to this new look....and it has cut down on his heavy panting.  Gosh, two dogs with entirely different body thermostats.  Sam the basenji is like a cat, following the sun everywhere, never pants and can't get warm enough.  Lucky is the total opposite, spends time on the tile floors to cool down and pants much more quickly with exertion and heat.


  1. Jane, that is a beautiful jacket! Just stunning.
    I know what you mean about the ease of blogging.
    I feel the same way.

    Enjoy wearing that lovely jacket!

  2. Wow, Jane! Your jacket is awesome. It looks like a TNT jacket to me!! The picture of Lucky is adorable. I know what you mean about writing PR Reviews. I'd like to do them because I appreciate what others write. At the time, I have a hard time facing the downloading problems. Blogger is so simple!

  3. Your jacket is beautiful and thanks for the sewing tip! I love Lucky's new haircut.

  4. Your jacket looks great on you...and Lucky looks pretty cool in his summer cut. My Bradley's summer cut won't be for a month or so, but he will have one too :))

  5. Love the way this jacket turned out. Looks wonderful on you.

  6. Your jacket is absolutely perfect! It looks terrific on you. I used to have a Yorkie, who got the same buzz cut every summer.

  7. Cute jacket! Don't worry about the PR review. While they're nice, I gave up on them a while ago even though I still chat there.


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