Monday, April 11, 2011

Target Straw Bag Transformation

Target products have not yet inspired a full hacking site like Ikea products ( IKEA Hackers site  ) but perhaps there should be one.  My creative sewing friend Michelle often does the most creative things with Target T shirts, turning them into expensive RTW knock offs.  (I'll wait while you visit her blog   Sew Inspirations.....)  Her fabulous purses were the inspiration for this makeover which I completed today.

This bag started out last year as one of their $2.50 seasonal items.
I removed the poly lining and used it as a pattern.   I quilted some leftover silk remnant to a flannel scrap to make a new lining and hand stitched it to the bag top through the straw, just the way the previous lining had been attached.

Then I used Beacon Fabric Tac glue to attach the fringe....leftover from the guest room project.  I cut panels  from that retro print from my recent shower curtain project and zig zagged it onto turquoise leftover tencel fabric to make panels.   Looks like it might have come from one of the chic little expensive boutiques here in town.  All for $2.50, leftovers and my time.....priceless.

PS:  I love this wavy blade rotary cutter, like having rolling pinking shears!

Finished lining and pockets
The wonderful Fabric Tac


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment! This bag is cool! I love flamingos! And that fringe is the perfect touch!

  2. Brovo Jane - Love it! Can I have it!


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