Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shower Curtain....More Rectangular Sewing

Guest bath shower curtain, April 2011
I seem to need a deadline to get things like home dec projects done.  Last year, before I was blogging, I finished guest room drapery panels just a week before we headed up north.  Today I sewed up the guest room bath shower curtain above.  It's all rectangular sewing.  Bottom hem, side hems and then 12 small buttonholes across the top header.   So yes, got 'er done just a few weeks before we once again leave here for the summer.
I got a kick out of the tropical and quirky accent fabric in the guest bath and guest room.  It's from Calico Corners and is a retro barkcloth type print with flamingos and tropical islands.  Here are the panels from last year:
Guest room drapery panels, May 2010
Tomorrow back to fashion sewing.  I'm getting together with some local wonderful ASG friends and hope they will help me with the first fitting for a summer sheath.   That kind of sewing will require a lot more measuring, plenty of tweaks around the curves and fluff but the outcome will be something that fits me.  And I'll have a lot more fun with those girlfriends than I did man handling all of the fabric for these projects.


  1. Cant wait to stay in that lovely room &take a nice hot shower...hugs mg


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