Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swimsuit Weather

I've so enjoyed reading about Couture Boot Camp with Susan Khalje in the past week.  One of these days I'll try a lace garment of mine own....but today is not that day.  Instead I used up an inexpensive lacy knit fabric in my stash for this quick swimsuit coverup.  It's warm and sunny in SW Florida and the pool in our complex is heated so I'm enjoying an hour or so at the end of the day splashing around.  This fabric is years old....from whenever Hancocks closed their local stores and everything was 70% off.  The pattern is my  Chicos knock off   blouse poncho tutorial  slightly lengthened to make it more dress like.   Finished: 43" wide by 31" inches long.    Sort of looks good as a long tunic as well.   Sometimes you just need a quick sewing easy project.  Done.


  1. That's pretty enough to wear out to dinner!

  2. That's a lovely top! You'll probably find more uses for it than just as a bathing suit cover-up.
    P.S. Could you please send some of that warm weather up north?

  3. What a perfect swimsuit cover-up!


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