Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage Vogue Pattern Giveaway

Gentle readers, you make me smile.  Loved your comments and thoughts about your pattern collections and mine.  Mary, you asked a good question that I can't answer!  How many patterns do I have?  I don't know.  I must be afraid to count them.  But I think that is a good project ahead of me.  When faced with the large number I'll be less likely to add a new pattern just because there's a great PR review of that garment.  Susan, I definitely like your idea of just giving myself a storage limit and living within that constraint.  I'm with you, Audrey, on keeping some patterns just because they have some great detail that I'd like to add or learn how to sew.  But Texan I also relate to too much stuff in general.  And I'm not even going to discuss fabric yet...

So thank you again for your remarks.  What I've enjoyed about reading blogs and now starting to blog is sharing a love of sewing with others but also seeing how diverse we are in what thrills each one of us.  Our wardrobe needs are different, our styles are unique and special, even our access to patterns is certainly varied.  Mary Nanna and Janine, you made me wonder if I would have this problem if those darn JoAnn's sales weren't so available to me?!

Now it's time for me to take some action.  Since I had one of those milestone birthdays last month, and since there are now 61 followers just as I am entering my 61st year, and since I have vintage patterns from some vintage decades, hey, let's have a giveaway, one for each decade of my life.

Please leave me a comment with the pattern # that you would like to add to your collection.  Giveaway drawing closes by Thursday, May 6, 2011. You can enter for more than one pattern but I'll eliminate your name for the subsequent drawing if you win one to give others a chance.  Postage is on me.  

I haven't inspected these for complete pattern pieces but will give my envelope impressions for each one.

Vogue 2026 Size 14 Bust 36 Hip 38  Finished dress width 54 1/2"  Looks like it has been used at least once.

Vogue 1947  Size 14  Bust 36  Hip 38  Finished width at dress hem  46 1/2"  Looks like it has been sewn at least once.
  Vogue 1401  Size 10  Width at dress hem  50".  1976  Looks like it has been sewn at least one time.
Vogue  2785  Size 18  Bust 40  hip 42  Factory folds.  Dress width at hem is 56".
Vogue  2984  Size 12  Bust 34  Hip 36  Suitable for knits.  Has been sewn at least once.  Width at dress hem is 44".
Vogue  2105  Size 10  Bust 32 1/2"  Hip  34 1/2"  Factory folds.  Skirt hem width is 41 1/2".


  1. I love Pattern #2026! Hope I win it!

  2. The patterns are lovely, however if you can believe it I don't own a dress or a skirt, nope not one lol. I did buy one ankle length skirt pattern fitted in style that I thought I might maybe make at some point and see how it looks with my cowboy boots LOL... Even for dress up times I find myself in black slacks. So don't enter me in your drawing :o), someone who would actually make and wear one of these lovely dresses should win!

  3. They're all lovely! So nice of you to share. My favorite is 2984, but I rather like 1947 as well. And do I need more patterns? Just don't tell my dh!!

  4. Congratulations and happy belated birthday!
    Please toss my name in the hat for the following: 1947. I think the insert would work with a piece of African wax I have. Also, 1407 would be great to use with mixed patterns. And 2785 (after some grading) would make a great colour blocked dress.

  5. I just found your blog and love it. I've "known" you about a month from your reviews on PR and even bought S2404 based on your review and photo!

    I'm too late for your draw, which is a terrible pity because I took a quick intake of breath when I saw the 2105. It's pure, understated elegance. I particularly love the set of the sleeves and the fact that the zip goes up the front (at least I think it does looking at the photo) instead of up the back.
    I'm amazed no-one asked for that...but if it is still on offer, I'd love to give it a good workout (but I do like to pay for postage!).


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