Friday, April 8, 2011

McCalls 6201 in the Works

McCall's 6201  is one of their Made For You patterns which have bust cup sizing in the pattern.   I've made a muslin of view E's scoop neckline in a sleeveless version.  It fit relatively nicely out of the envelope....which used to mean that I would have settled for it in RTW.  But thank goodness I sew and can get a fit for my body.  My delightful sewing friends made some subtle but important changes to the six darts yesterday.  Now I'm going to make separate right and left patterns because of my asymmetry but it's not too difficult on a sleeveless sheath.  I have several printed cotton lycra blends that I would like for summer wear with little knit cardigans.
Muslin #1 of 6201
Now I'm off to make a decadent potato casserole for tonight's pot luck and movie discussion group.  It's an old one but thought provoking...Richard Dreyfuss in Whose Life Is It Anyway?  Mary Tyler Moore won a Tony for her Broadway version and more recently Kim Cattrell played the patient in the London show.   Among this group of friends I doubt there will much difference of opinion on the movie's main theme.   Those topics of medical intervention, quality of life and even doctor assisted suicide are ones that are discussed often in a region largely populated with retirees.   So not the most uplifting movie night but enjoyable surrounded by friends and good times...and isn't that the point of the movie anyway?

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  1. The muslin is looking good! Isn't it amazing how picky we sewers become about fit? A little extra work makes such a big difference! Enjoy your Friday night out!


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