Monday, December 20, 2010

Changing for the Better

2010 version Simplicity 2603
It's been an enjoyable holiday season in real life but I haven't been having too many sewing successes in the sewing room over the last week.  No matter, I am pleased with a slight adjustment I made to an already sewn garment.  Don't you wonder sometimes why you spend your time carefully constructing something that fits but then don't really make a regular part of your wearable wardrobe?  I have severely edited my closet closets over the past five or six years and continue to do so each season.  It's made it easier to become a bit more ruthless about discarding what I'm not wearing.  This cardi jacket was one of those items that had to change or go.
I made the "short" version of Simplicity 2603 during the late summer and early autumn of 2009 when it was a sew along on Patternreview.  As my review stated, I was mostly happy with the result.  So here we are a year later and I have hardly worn the sparkly grey version (and never wore the blue slinky version in my review.)  Ok, what's the risk...go ahead, chop off pieces in a few places and now I'm thrilled.  Much less fabric around my neck and down the front, shorter length is a better proportion and now I have a light, swingy sweater like third layer jacket.  Is it sewing? Is it refashioning?  I don't care what you call it, I'm happy to reclaim and enjoy this pattern.  Now I see a few more in my future....and ones which I will actually wear.
2009 version Simplicity 2603

Removed 4" from neckline, 2 " from length and 2 inches across front diagonal.


  1. The cardigan look great. I'm making the short version for my sister.

  2. Both versions look so nice on you. What a great idea to go back and refashion one you find you're not wearing and make it into something you LOVE LOVE.

  3. Nice you realized what the issue was and were able to fix it. It is a great looking cardigan!

  4. Great rework. I think its a mature approach to sewing when you can do this.


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