Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Infinite Number of Infinity Scarves

Ok, that's a slight exaggeration.  There's a finite number of infinity scarves on the internet and now I'm joining the crowd.  This is my quick version from silk chiffon I've had for years, most likely from Jomar in PA.   I made mine 68 inches long (because that's how long my cutting mat is) and 30 inches wide.  I found the full 45" too billowy, even in this silk chiffon.  So if I were very ambitious I could make another scarf with the leftover chiffon and a rolled edge....but I put it in the giveway pile just to make it leave my stash

And yes, those of you with observant eyes will notice that the green jacket in my October 4 New York City post is now blue.  A horse  jacket of a different color!  This is the same Simplicity 2858 pattern and even the same leather pieces for an accent.  I made this one first and was so very happy with it that I made an identical one in the different color scheme for the PR 2009 September jacket contest.  Lucky for me I live in two places so only you keen eyed readers will know that two of these are in my wardrobe.  This one, the original now resides in FL and the green in Baltimore.  I don't think they miss each other.


  1. I am glad your jackets don't miss each other :)
    very cute scarf!

  2. The jackets are beautiful, as are the infinity scarves. So you have an "official" plan for where clothes are kept??? Every half year, I go through the process of deciding what I want to haul to the other residence. Maybe I need to use your scheme: having one of each in 2 different colors.

  3. I love the scarf and the jacket. Great combo.

  4. Do you keep a dressform in both locations? Now there's a good idea. ... your lovely scarves keep singing to me ... I think I'll try one.


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