Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sew Happy to Be Sewing Again

OK, finally starting to feel like me again, which really means that I want to be sewing.  48 hours of snoozing and reading and I got back into the sewing room.  Started slow with hemming some of Mr. Lucky's pants that have been hanging around, then did some ironing.  Mr. Lucky is a catch because he will do his own laundry and ironing....but it's not overly precise.  I will catch up and do his sports shirts and pants when I'm in the mood.  There's one thing a good seamstress understand and that's the value of good pressing and ironing.  He brought home flowers for his invalid wife and that was good enough to get me ironing for him.

I was late to the pajama party but got them done yesterday as well.  I made the McCalls 4218 nightgown with a FBA to the side dart and 6 inches shorter.  What I thought were front tucks on the pattern turned out to be merely ruffles.  This Joann's embroidered poly fabric was loud enough so I eliminated those.  It has facings and I did a zig zag edgestitch to help them stay flat in this polyester material.  I get annoyed when patterns eliminate a simple step like this which can make your garment so much more successful.

I lengthened the straps 1/2 inch which put the bust points in the right place and it's still not too low cut at all.  It's a wearable muslin and thanks to Ann's challenge I finally made this pattern.   I'll see what I think about it after sleeping in it a few nights.  My favorite nightgown patterns are two bias cut Kwik Sew patterns. This McCalls one will have to prove its worth.  Mr. Lucky's flannel pants were also whipped out and are already put away so sorry for no pics.

By then I was on a roll so I roll edged some silk burnout from Fabric Mart and made a lightweight cowl topper.  This is exactly the same instruction as for the boiled wool and fleece ones I have up north.  (See my October 29, 2010 post if you want measurements and instructions.)  Just turn it a little when wearing it to get that diagonal line.  I used Sulky water soluble stabilizer but still got pokeys which are from the velvet burnout threads.  Not enough to bother me, what about you?  I'm teaching a sewing class locally and needed samples in fleece and a silky fabric.

All in all, it feels good to feel good again and to be back in a sewing frame of mind.  Isn't it wonderful to have a hobby that you enjoy and that makes you want to get up and do something?


  1. Two lovely projects... pretty pajamas and a smashing cowl top. I'm glad you're feeling better and WOW productive right away. I'm inspired.... to get off the computer and go organize my slipcover project...

  2. What a pretty slip of a nightgown. Thanks for the tip on ZZ edgestitching-I'll try that on my next project. The cowl poncho is a great coverup and love the burnout velvet that you used.

  3. Jane, your blog is turning into a real work of art! I love, love, love checking back to see what you are working on. I am not sewing many garments these days so I love living vicariously through you. Please keep the inspiration coming!


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