Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Susan Khalje Needles and Pins

Oh, I wish I were a poet so I could write a love sonnet to these hand sewing needles.
I've been to Susan Khalje's wonderful trunk shows at the American Sewing Guild conferences, I read her Threads articles closely and of course, I own her books, even the "wedding gown" book although I never made my own nor do I have a daughter to sew one for in the future.  But up until last spring I had not taken a hands on class with Susan.   I signed up for the Fort Myers chapter workshop on "Couture Techniques" and loved every minute.  Couture involves great precision and a lot of hand sewing.  I seldom (if ever) will make a entire couture garment.  But the techniques are useful when adding touches of couture details to  a fashion project.
One of the greatest benefits of the workshop buying these fabulous hand sewing needles from Susan.  Susan's website store   I had already become a pin snob years ago and only use Japanese glass headed pins.  Susan sells them as well so I resupplied myself with another 2 boxes.  The hand sewing needles were  revelation to me.  Smooth as glass and also remarkably strong.  As Susan describes them , they don't arc when you are sewing through multiple layers or heavy fabric.  I keep them separate from any other hand needles and am jealously possessive of them.  They deserve a nicer, cuter "home" but for now they stay together in some felted wool jersey and I lovingly make sure they have a cozy, safe resting place each night.


  1. Isn't it amazing how having "the perfect tools" makes any task so much more pleasurable. (is that even a word?)

  2. I've never given much thought to my sewing pins or needles, but I think I should!


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