Thursday, December 30, 2010

Making Design Decisions

Now what?  That's the stage I'm at in this sewing project.  A few weeks ago, when it started getting cold here in Florida (yes, "cold" being a relative term) I made another version of Burda 8294, a bias, lined skirt from a silk herringbone plaid.  Quite plain on its own but I have two sweaters that I will wear with it wit, one a navy V neck and one this medium teal-ish blue from my Ann Taylor visit.  I also have a stash of glass marcasite buttons from an Ebay purchase years ago and collection of random blue silk dupioni pieces so I'm looking to see how I can combine these elements.

Today I've replaced the sweater buttons with the glass ones.  I've also made my first attempt at a Kenneth King inspired silk dupioni flower.  Mine only vaguely resembles his luxury version but I'm liking the color combination.  I think I'll refine my technique....or just call it "rustic" if that doesn't succeed and make a flower collection for the neckline of the sweater.  But what about the skirt?  I could just leave it alone....good grief, not that!  Maybe I could add a seemingly random scattering of buttons along the hemline

or maybe use these bias strips to do a design.  In this tryout I'm glorifying myself by forming "J's" along the hem, you know, sort of CC Chanelish.
Glass buttons on the hemline

My final idea for the afternoon was to combine the two, doing a serpentine edge with the bias and then interspersing the buttons along that line.

Bias strips and glass buttons
Oh, the blues in the skirt are much more bluer than the pics....where it looks grey.
Any opinions or other suggestions?   Hmmmm, I'm leaning to just plain skirt as I look at the pics.

Ok, that's it for today.  I'm heading out for a walk then have to get cooking.  Tomorrow is a picnic on the beach with friends at sunset, followed by fireworks at 7:30.  For once I'll be glad to have them early because of the chill in the air although usually I find it hilariously funny that we have early bird New Years here in the land of retirees.


  1. I like the bias strips wiht the buttons on it.


  2. I'm liking the bias strips look. Have a Happy New Year and a fun time tomorrow evening.

  3. I love the detail on the skirt.

  4. I like all your ideas! But if it was my skirt I would go with no embellishment.
    Thankyou so much for your comment on my jacket!


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