Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Padding my Dressform and Some Small Misfortunes

I've been meaning to make my dress form slightly more presentable.  This one resides in SW Florida and is a fairly good representation of my body circumference....but not body geography.   I cannot remember where I got her.  She's wearing one of my bras with some fiberfill inside and I also padded her tummy and back fluff areas.

I like using a dress form mostly for design purposes.   The linen robe is a 1961 Vogue pattern (that I still have to review on PR)  The dress form helped me place the lace.  But we've been having contractors in and out of our condo in recent weeks gathering info to make bids to redo our master bath.  I decided that my dress form needed to be more modest when she was "undressed."  I sewed a cotton knit tube then pinned it tightly into place over the padded form, re-pinned, restitched and pulled it into place.  As I said, I'm not looking to recreate my undressed body (that's a different post for the future when I write about MY TWIN dress form in Baltimore.)  I have narrower shoulders and spinal curve that gives me some pretty severe asymmetry.  But for modeling a woven garment this one works just fine.

In the meantime, here's what happens when you try to do a quickie project like this one in a hurry.  This lanyard was a gift from a lovely friend who came to visit last winter.  Small world, turns out we are alums of the same undergraduate school, the University of Delaware (along with Vice-President Joe Biden and cute Joe Flaco of the Baltimore Ravens football team.)   Great useful gift.  I've never sewed with scissors around my neck and now I can't imagine how I did so without them.  These are cute and very sharp Ginghers that I bought at Joanns on clearance a few years ago.  I've cut the lanyard twice now so eventually I'll make myself a new ribbon one.

I also tried a little craft project that I had been considering and was disappointed with the initial result.  this is my first attempt at a kanzashi flower.  Lots of great web instructions out there but I was trying to do too much in one day and didn't pick a good fabric nor really prepare it enough.  OK, something to go back to when I'm in a more Zen like state of mind.

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